The music for Festival

The music for Festival

Music joins people, ethnic group, generations; it gives the possibility to speak with a universal languafe, to meet different cultures and religion, to built social relationship in harmony. Festival gave a huge space to the music, thanks to the participation of artist moved by childhood’s rights.

STEFANO GUERESI – “I GIORNI IMPOSSIBILI”: the musician from Mantua has turned his pains into beauty, thanks to the new cd “I giorni impossibili“, due to his personal experience of a serious disease. At hte Bibiena Theatre, he played some songs like: Il Ritorno, Oltre l’inverno, L’attesa.

ANTONI O’BRESKEY – “THE NOMADIC PIANO JOURNEY”: a travel, a challenge and a contraddiction through a sound that links the classic western tradition with jazz and atmosfere reminding forgotten lands. With the participation of  Consuelo Nerea and Davide Viterbo, the artist performed at the auditorium “C. Monteverdi” – Conservatorio di Musica “Lucio Campiani” di Mantova.

LA VIA DEI CONCERTI 2015: Marya Yafremava (flute), Manuel Cardona López e Mauro Mariño Suarez (violins), Jennifer Goméz Vilar (viola), Amanda Vieitez Bautista (violincello).  They played: Concerto per flauto e orchesta KV314 di Mozart, Night Voyage di Susan H. Day, Oblivion di Astor Piazzola, Dos Guitarras, Alam corazon y vida di Adrián Flores, Por una cobeza di Carlos Gardel.

CORO DELLE RAGAZZE DI TIRANA: a chorus made by 70 boys and girls from lyceum “J Misja”, a school with an important role in storing the  works by Albanian musicians.

STUDENT OF CONSERVATORIO DI MUSICA “LUCIO CAMPIANI” DI MANTOVA. Along the city centre, many exhibitions by the classes of: Sax (Stefano Perino, Diego Rovaglia, Enrico D’Addazio, Gianluca Molinari), Accordion (Matteo Poiani), Harp (Matilde Mastronuzzi, Chiara Botazzi, Lara Caniato, Kevin Frasson).


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