‘A movement for the Rights, at children’s side’

Diritti a Colori: a network to protect the future of everybody

February 27th 2009

Don’t be surprised if you hear that a child has been raped. Don’t be surprised if a bomb has mutilated a boy. Don’t be surprised if your clothes come from children’s exploitation. Think about your sons, your brother or sister, your neighbour’s child
anybody could be a victim of injustice. If you don’t want that suffering kills someone you love, do something: protect their Rights.


It has been created to better some of the essential social aspects concerning children’s world and their rights: right for life, right for growing both from a psychological and physical point of view, always believing in a real and positive change for children in the world.


If children’s rights are not respected, children will suffer the consequences of psychological damages and these damages may influence future relations between adolescents. Rights for children all over the World, inalienable Rights, respect for the Rights guaranteed by adults.


Being a member of the Movement Diritti a Colori means to pursue the same educational aim, characterized by different shades which can be guaranteed to children only by a decent and healthy society.

Sharing and promoting The Manifesto ideology with practical actions aimed to defend children’s rights and to safeguard their health.

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Why should you join the network?


To pursue

The same educational purpose of “Diritti a Colori” which offers a lot of different nuances that only a fair and healthy society is able to donate.

To promote

intended projects for the support of Children’s rights, caring for their Health and their intellectual development.

To sustain

Family position which is the basic unit where children can grow and can receive their education encouraging their desire of self-determination.

To stimulate

the community so that it will hold responsibility about the importance of safeguarding children and our future.

To fight

against oppression and discrimination connecting strengths, ideas, hopes to generate a true outlook of changing.

To realize

real actions for children with projects and activities aiming to create a value for the defense of their Rights.

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    How to adhere

    Adherents must sign a partnership agreement with Fondazione Malagutti onlus with which they accept the Manifesto of “International Movement for the Respect of the rights of the child” engaging themselves to share it. For further information, do not hesitate to write to “Diritti a Colori” staff.

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